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Any troop movement, to include the time, location, convoy numbers, aircraft tail number, etc. is sensitive information and can compromise the mission and personnel.  For this reason, we do not post drill dates, movement times, and other sensitive information on public website.  We also have to be careful about what goes on Facebook and other social media sites (this includes posting pictures of sensitive information).  This is why an updated alert roster is vital to the information flow within the unit and to the family members.  Guidelines on OPSEC can be found in AR 530-1 Operations Security.
-1LT Furnish

Join us on Facebook!!

Families of the 1460th can now join the "1460th TC FRG" group page on facebook. This is a closed group, so you must type "1460th TC FRG" in the search bar, and asked to be invited.  This will be another avenue to get information out to our soldiers and family members about upcoming events.  

The 1460th
FRG would like to welcome you to our website.  Our goal is to keep you informed on what is happening within the FRG and to let you know about upcoming events.  The content of the site will change often, so we hope you check us out regularly.  If you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see here, please let us know.  Any comments or questions can be directed to Lori at

If you are a family member and you know you are on your soldiers contact list, (or think you should be), and you are not getting e-mails from me (Lori Davis), please contact me.  You should be getting an e-mail reminder a few days before each FRG meeting, and occasionally at other times throughout the month.   We want everyone to stay informed, but we need to have updated information.  If you wish to be taken off the e-mail list, please let me know that also. 

                            What is a Family Readiness Group (FRG)? 

nFamily Readiness Groups (FRG's) bring together family members, soldiers, and interested civilians associated with the unit to provide an avenue of mutual support and assistance and a network of communication among the members, chain of command, and community resources.

We are:
*100% Volunteer
*Not for profit
*Support for each other
*A shoulder to lean on or an ear for listening


                                                 What a Family Readiness Group is NOT:

* A Title or Dictatorship
* Religious, Political, Psychological Program
* Bank for family loans
* Based on rank of spouse
* A cure for every problem



The Silent Ranks

I wear no uniforms, no camouflage, blues or army greens,
But I am in the Military in the ranks rarely seen
I have no rank upon my shoulders-salutes I do not give
But the military world is the place where I live
I'm not in the chain of command, orders I do not get
But my husband is the one who does, this I can not forget
I'm not the one who fires the weapon, who puts my life on the line
But my job is just as tough, I'm the one that's left behind
My husband is a patriot, a brave and prideful man
And the call to serve his country not all can understand
Behind the lines I see the things needed to keep this country free
My husband makes the sacrifice, but so do our kids and me
I love the man I married, the Military is his life
But I stand among the silent ranks known as the...

Military Wife

Brigadier General Burton Francisco, Ashley Hunt, Kim Towne, Erica Braley, Lori Davis, and Major General Thomas Cutler at the presentation of the Army Family of the Year Award 2010.

FRG Board Members

Lori Davis 
(989) 836-2536

Vice President:
Camie Sherwood
(989) 621-6578

Jessica Povey 
(989) 965-1717

Kathy Riselay

SSG Travis Povey

Mark Your Calendar 

January 12th:  FRG Meeting @ 1:00 pm

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